Thursday, 9 April 2009

Supper Time

After quite a wait, the hedgehog came out of the lodge for supper. Must have been around 23:15.
Clearly visible is the tippex mark that i gave it, just to keep tabs on the visitors. Not noticible until the photo is taken with flash.


  1. hi lynmiranda, found your blog today, excellent photos and very diverse wildlife you have there.


  2. another great photo of you hedgehog family willpar keep them coming

  3. Can't wait to see the babies she says hopefully, I wonder when they'll show their little faces, do you think any of this years visitors could be Tiny?

  4. Hi jayne, i dont think there are babies, but am reluctant to investigate in case the hedgehog leaves. But april is usually mating time. So babies will be born in may. They are suckled for a month, so could be july that babies if any would emerge.
    Am getting a feeling that it could well be tiny that has taken to the lodge. If you remember was the most frequent visitor in 08.