Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Taking A short Cut

The picture to the right shows what hedgehogs can get up to after dark.
Wanting to get down to the bottom path is a bit of a daredevil excercise. The one that made these tracks dont see any danger. Whether it actually got down or up is a different matter.

Monday, 30 March 2009

Two Visitors

Hedgehog watch was somewhat later tonight. I put out food before i took the dog out for last walk And two dishes had been eaten. Took some more food out and gave a refill.

Was not until 22:40 that i looked to see if i had any more visitors. Lucky for me one had just arrived and was having a feed. Then i noticed another approaching the garden from next door. Must say that they looked in excellent condition and were of a medium size. Hopefully will get photos in the near future.

[edit] one more came in after i had finnished here. So three visitors last night.

Sunday, 29 March 2009


Wanting to be sure just whom is using the lodge, tonight i did a stakeout. Watched the lodge from 20:30 until 23:00. Just at the crucial moment i got distracted, and when i looked round there was a hedgehog there feeding by the lodge.

But it was not Hugo, was a lot smaller one. Could this one be the new tennant of the lodge, and if so is it a female. Looks like i will have to do another Stakeout. All will be revealed, in due coarse.

A Visitor Came

Had an early visitor last night. It was the very large one. Due to its size and i am pretty sure it is a male i have decided to call him Hugo.

I put out an extra feeding dish behind the lodge and the one that came was Hugo. I believe though not 100% sure, that it is he that has taken up residence in the lodge, but will need to confirm this.

If that is so, then the likleyhood of the patter of tiny feet being born in the lodge Could well diminish. But i want to be optomistic on this, and need to confirm just whom the tennant is.

It was 20:15 that Hugo appeared at the feeding dish.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

This morning is filled with honour and privelege. Before autumn 2008 i put out a hedgehog house. Covering it in roofing felt to make it extra dry.
To my knowlege was not used during our harsh winter. But this morning was doing a spot of tidy up and happen to put my hand into the tunnel and towards the back.
One can only imagine my joy when i felt spikes. My house is being used by one of my visitors. What a privalege that it has chosen to use the facilities.

Friday, 27 March 2009

dropped In For A Bite

Was in luck tonight. This hedgehog had called in for some food. Looks to me like it was the first one that i had seen. Pity its back was to me and i did not want it to run off. Leaned out the window to get this photo.

Very Large Hedgehog

Happen to look out the window again and seen this very large one walking along the path. Dashed out with camera and it went into a corner. Just could not get over the size of it. But did not curl up which was good.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Luckily for me, the hedgehog came back an hour later. Was looking for food almost under the bay window. Threw out some mealworms to get its attention whilst i got the camera. Was able to open window and lean out to get a photo.

Visitor Tonight

Happen to look out the window tonight and seen a rather large hedgehog out in the garden 25/03/09 at approx 22:25. Went out and had a look and could see it was in good health. Unfortuately by the time i went back and set the camera up it had gone. None the less my second visit this year.