Saturday, 28 March 2009

This morning is filled with honour and privelege. Before autumn 2008 i put out a hedgehog house. Covering it in roofing felt to make it extra dry.
To my knowlege was not used during our harsh winter. But this morning was doing a spot of tidy up and happen to put my hand into the tunnel and towards the back.
One can only imagine my joy when i felt spikes. My house is being used by one of my visitors. What a privalege that it has chosen to use the facilities.


  1. what a delight to know you have made a home for your hedgehogs.Excellent stuff

  2. Oh what a lovely morning you have had Willpar, I'm so pleased for you, I have to smile when I read posts like this because it makes me fel more normal, these little critters seem to have taken over your life like ours have here and you folks don't even think to consider it mad.
    Well done Willpar!!