Sunday, 4 January 2009

This is an intruction to the blog i shall be doing in 2009. In it i shall be documenting the hedgehogs that come visiting to my garden. Hopefully when they come out of hibernation in the spring, will see some old friends as well as new. Last year seen the arrival of several visitors, either just now and again or at a more frequent level.

Here is a little reminder of the main characters that i was fortunate to see and photograph.

Who could forget scratchy, who was a very regular visitor to the garden. Named it so because as the photo shows was always scratching. Would walk some steps then stop for a good ole scratch.

Tiny was an instant hit not only when i first seen it. But also with others that followed its progress through 2008. I was very fortunate that mother seen fit to bring it to my garden for food. Was a very regular visitor up until hibernation in October 08. I hope that i will see it in spring 2009.

Named this one Ole Redeye, mainly because the flash gave it to him when taking the pic. He was one of two males that came in to the garden for a feed.
These are the main ones that came in. There were some others but not on a regular basis. Hopefully 2009 will bring as much enjoyment the way 2008 did.

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